Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I finally went back to work, after a few days of calling in. If I weren’t scared that Ms. DeVane would show up to my house to question me, I would have taken another day or two. Considering that she is the right hand to the CEO, she is the scariest woman I knew in five inch heels – and being in the superhero business, I knew some scary broads in heels.

To get the day started, I arrived to work a bit early. This was my chance to read most of my e-mails before the rest of the office started to show up for their normal tours of duty. As it turned out, I hadn’t really missed anything special. Marty sent a message,asking me to help him redesign the company newsletter, which I agreed needed definite improvement on looks and content. Another note was that Rona and Tanya would be transferred to this location, effective next week. That I considered to be a plus. Rona Black and Tanya Danvers were two lively ladies – and half of what used to be our holiday entertainment.

The other emails were just usual comments for training and other professional development projects. Playing catch up ended up being a light task. At about mid morning, I walked upstairs to the break room. For some reason, they have better and cheaper snacks in those machines, unlike the ones in the break room downstairs.

I searched my pockets as I entered the room. I also noticed two people in the corner, passing them on my way to the snack machine. Naturally, I tried not to be obvious while I stared. I recognized them from law firm one flight up. The guy was young, but probably closer to 30 than I was. The girl, she definitely seemed early 20s. His face was a deep reddish color as he kept repeating, I don’t understand. Then it made sense. She was breaking up with him!

“It’s not you. It’s me!” She said. Her eyes were dry, and her expression seemed more apologetic than regretful. “I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“But that’s exactly what you’re doing right now.” He replied.

Her hair was a deep black, with perfect red streaks blended in. It was full and relaxed over her shoulders, sweeping down her back. I had stared more at them (well… her, rather) than I did the machine to make my selection. The funny thing was, I think she noticed me looking, but obviously didn’t care. She did nothing to lower her tone, though when he spoke it was a careful and controlled voice. But I could still hear him.

“I really thought we were good together. We were really hitting it off.” He said. I felt like he was breaking some guy code by pouring his feelings so publicly. “I should have known you didn’t want more, considering you won’t spend the night.” Her eyes widened. Did he strike a nerve?

“Oh, Teddy…” It was the first time in the three minutes that I had been there that she seemed sympathetic, as if she cared about his feelings. “You are so kind and giving. These eight months have been the best relationship that I’ve ever had.” I waited for the but… “But, I don’t think I’m as ready to commit as you are.”

I knew there would be a but... Damn, the machine gave me Almond Joy. I hate coconut. Now I was standing there, eves dropping and holding an unwanted candy bar.

“This is just stupid Raye.” Teddy frowned. Then he took her face into his hands and tried to kiss her. I wasn’t surprised when Raye pulled back and told him that he was making this very hard for her.

“Teddy, I need time to find myself. I need to decide if I want my law degree or pursue other things.”

“What other things?” Teddy demanded.

Raye stood up. “My break is over. I’ll see you at the 3 o’clock meeting.”

As she walked away, I swore she winked at me. Teddy began wiping his face with his hands and shirt sleeve. I sort of felt bad for him. From where I was standing, Raye was definitely a 9.3 on a scale of 10.

Now that she was gone, there was no reason for me to be there. Though part of me felt that witnessing a live break up more than made up for the unwanted candy bar selection, I still felt like I was missing something. But there was nothing I could do about that now.

I walked pass Teddy and dropped the candy bar on the table in front of him. Tough break, I said as I exited the break room. Back to my desk to plan for lunch, I guess.

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