Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I left the meeting feeling nothing but disappointment. Usually, I’m just angry at every small detail but lately, I’m just disappointed. I went to a meeting hoping to either find out what – who was the cause of this thing happening to everyone or share some heartfelt words about a fallen hero. Not that I planned to speak. Obviously, it didn't matter since neither of those things happened. Instead, it was an introduction to an inverse hero.

While I didn’t personally lock him up, Terra says that Christopher did some pretty bad things. Some I take to be more exaggerated since she was - or is - married to the guy. Even still, if he wasn’t a villain, he would never have been locked up.

Needing a moment to rest my mind from the last week, I thought maybe a DVD would be the ticket. Something funny… the Incredibles. I was pleased with the selection before even comparing it to something else. A quick stop to the kitchen to mix a drink and heat up the take out from T.G.I. Friday’s and all was set.

Somewhere between my second drink and a rant about why capes are no longer safe for heroes, the phone rang.

“Yeah, Terra?” I wasn’t mad, just disappointed. Again. Can I get time to just enjoy a movie?

Terra immediately went into a tirade. “Do you know that sorry son of a bitch teamed me with Christopher! Dispatch knows that he kidnapped Kara! I told him the shit I had to go through with him when he wanted to take over the world!”

I couldn’t get a word in. She continued. “Like it isn't bad enough that he sent Arrow out to back me up after I told him not to!” Hm, she didn’t know it was my fault that Ralph was there to back her up? “He knew that asshole Seth is out stealing everybody's powers!” WHAT! “Who does he think he is? I'm telling you Leroy, that bastard better stay as far away from me as possible. I've been looking for an excuse to kill Christopher for the past three years!”

I can’t really say what else Terra had to say after that. I tried repeatedly to ask who Seth was, but she was too consumed with her “baby-daddy” drama. I was back from being disappointed to just plain angry.

She finally hung up the phone and I was no further in identifying Seth. But at least it was a start. Forgetting my movie, I called the hospital. It’s the only place that Barry and Jada would be. Barry answered the phone.

“Hey. How is Tomieka?” I greeted.

“No change, Leroy.” Barry said. The usual genuine happiness you would hear in Barry’s voice had been absent since he lost his powers.

“Well, it seems that a guy named Seth is the reason why you and the others lost your powers. Probably the reason why Tomieka is out cold.” I heard Barry call Jada over to the phone to hear what I was saying. “What makes it worse is that Tony knew what was happening and didn’t say anything.”

“What!” I could hear Jada shouting through the phone.

“So you guys get some rest. Cause tomorrow, we’re going to have a talk with Tony – the three of us.”

“Whoa… no can do, buddy.” Barry objected quickly. “I ain’t got no powers. I can’t do anything. Count me out.”

I tried to reason with Barry, strength in numbers and all, but he insisted that his place was there watching over Tomieka. However, he demanded that both me and Jada should still go…

“Oh, you can believe I’m going.” Jada answered. I hadn’t heard that spark in Jada in weeks. “Tony is going to get a piece of my mind. And whoever Seth is, he is going undo everything he’s done. Even if I have to rip him limb from limb to make sure its done.” Jada hung up the phone.

I should have still been angry, but I think Jada has that emotion covered right now. Perhaps she will call me back to discuss what time we will head over to HQ and talk to Tony. In the mean time, I’m getting back to my movie.

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Anonymous said...

hmm I think your writing has progressed a great deal from when i started reading awhile back. Very good work sir can't wait to read what happens next.

-ME :)