Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Usually when I wake up with a pounding headache, I can remember that the night before was well worth the misery. But this ain't one of those times. I was cold and my clothes were drenched.

"Thawed you out as quick as I could." Bitter's voice interupted my thoughts.

"What the hell, B. You froze me!" I shouted.

Bitter didn't turn to face me. "Would give you some dry clothes, but all this guy has is towels and robes."

"What guy." I responded, more calm than a moment ago. I pulled off the top of my super suit, leaving on the mask.

"Seth." Bitter leaned against the wall.

"Seth. Are we at his crib? What kind of room is this?" I said, realizing the hazy barrier covering the entrance. Some sort of holding cell, I thought to myself.

"You're moving too slow, Sonus. There ain't much time." Bitter pushed his hands in his pocket. I'm sure the cold air had nothing to do with it.

It was obvious Bitter wanted me to understand what was going on. "Fine! Let's play catch up." I was still removing my costume, hoping to air it out. I should have worn the insulated one. "You set me up! You came to me, asked to help only to stab me in the back."

"Not quite." He said, his voice was steady - non-responsive to my returning rage.

"Then what?" I demanded.

"I really did want to help you stop this guy from stealing powers." Bitter removed his right hand from his pocket and pressed it against the wall. I could hear the ice forming.

"So why did you put me in a block of ice?" I played along.

"Christopher doesn't like you dating his wife." He responded.

"I'm not dating Elemental." I shot back.

"I know. But Seth also needed you out of the way. He said something about having a hard time snatching your powers. He needed you close so that he could find out why." Bitter walked to the other side of the wall.

"So you're working for Seth, now." I asked.

"I was. But Christopher offered me more money."

"So what does Christopher want?" I felt like we were talking in circles.

"To turn you over to Seth. I told you, Christopher doesn't like you much..." Bitter smiled an icy smile.

"How does Christopher plan on dealing with Seth?" I wondered.

"That's why he employed me." By now, the entire wall from frozen solid.

"And how do you plan to stop Seth?" By now I was tired of the run around. This whole dialogue had amused Bitter.

"That's why I came to you." Bitter had put so much cold on the wall that it practially shattered. "Get dressed. Your partner should be on the way." Bitter walked away.

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