Monday, December 22, 2008


For a bad guy, Seth didn't have much security inside his building. The room I was locked in was about four flights down. If they ever put a subway in Georgetown, this guy will have some structural issues. I was certain we were in some sort of row house, but there were way too many levels and rooms to be certain. Maybe he owned more than one, and knocked the walls out. This was like a mansion.

I wandered the place for about 40 minutes. Apparently, my watch was not only water proof, but resistant to the block of ice Bitter had trapped me in. My cell phone wasn't so lucky. Somebody was going to have to buy me a new phone. The entire place was decked out with seemingly expensive vases and glass cabinets filled with plates and paintings on the wall. How do folks who decorate this much ever get comfortable in their own homes? The place was like walking through a museum.

After walking through nine different sitting rooms, library and all, I found another door that led downstairs. Since this level seemed like a show room, I figured the levels below would hold all the action. I went back into the basement. But this was different. Before, there was more concrete and dim lighting. Now, this area was bright. There was lots of glass and modern d├ęcor.

I peered around the corner to see two of those guys dressed in towels, each with tribal markings tattooed on their bodies. Finally some action… These guys were fairly buff – probably the reason Terra followed them so much. I took in a deep breath and rushed both guards. They actually looked terrified. The first guy didn’t even try to block my attack. I knocked him out with one hit. The other tried to run, but he didn’t get far. If the whole night was going to be like this, I might be disappointed.

Just to cover myself, I dragged both men into a nearby closet. Not that I knew how many guards there actually were, but I felt like I made a difference taking down those two.

My back pressed to the wall, I quietly moved through the area before finding another door. Another flight of stairs leading down… It was then I wondered how much this guy paid for mortgage.

I slipped into the first room and searched for a light panel.

"What took you so long to get here?" The lights came on.

"Oh shit!" I dropped my jaw.

It was the hot chick from the break room that turned the bird into some gross giant feathery dragon. Nasty power, but still hot.

"How did you get out?" She pulled her hair over her right shoulder. I don’t think she was afraid of the pending brawl.

"Does it matter?" I said, watching her seductively slide off the long metal table to stand up.

I'd moved away from the door, giving myself space to maneuver. Hot Chick pushed some chairs from her space and reached her arms in front of her, folding her fingers into little toy fists.

"I don't like to fight women." I said. "I'd much rather take you out and get to know you – provided you stop the whole bad guy… girl, thing." I winked.

"You wear tight clothes. You are not my kind of man." She relaxed her shoulders.

Sometimes, superheroes get no respect.

Hot Chick launched her attack, a series of kicks and punches and loud noises. HA, she'd yell with nearly each attack. Maybe she watched too much television. I picked up the long metal table and swung it like a bat. She went down like a rag doll. Just as I thought, every person with super powers doesn’t have super strength.

I pulled the cell phone from the case on her hip and threw her over my shoulder. Part of me wondered if she would have gone out with me – under a different situation.

Another bad guy… girl, down. I carried my prize as I continued to explore the downstairs.

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