Saturday, December 27, 2008


It'd been a week since the whole Seth thing. After talking with Terra, it seemed neither of us were really sure that thngs were back to normal. Those who had quit the Urban 30, despite having their powers restored, still wanted to leave or stay gone.

Brice was M.I.A., again.

Terra gave me an update on how Tony was doing. I actually havent spoken to him since this whole ordeal. It's probably a good idea right now. As far as I saw it, the whole fall of our team and the sloppy play agaist Seth was Tony's fault. He failed to be in touch with his people. Now, aside from me and Terra and the place holder I call Brice, there are no people.

The night it all ended, Terra mentioned she saw Ralph, or the undead spirit of. I think that would have freaked me out. She said Ralph mentioned something about Tony, Terra and me being resistant to Seth's magic. I suppose I should find that peculiar. I find it more lucky.

The whole Seth thing is over. It seems when Bitter caught up with him, there was some very graphic torture put into place. The gist of it boiled down to Bitter freezing Seth piece by piece, and then shattering the frozen statute. Apparently, long before I ever got to Seth's magic mansion, Bitter had already seen the totem of him and his boys - courtesy of Christopher. That was the leverage that Christopher needed to recruit Bitter, causing Bitter to double cross Seth. Luckily, the favors that Bitter owes me helped to keep me on the winning side of this mess.

There was no point in locking Bitter up. Since Seth doesn't have a public record, no one cared he was gone. However, I'd heard that Bitter had been hanging around the HQ - probably for the free food. I told B, he had two days to clear out. I guess that makes things back to normal with him - I think.

On a brighter note, I did actually hook up with the hot villian chick. It turns out, her name is Wilona, but she prefers to be called Lola. I don't care what she wants me to call her, she's hot. But I kept my mask on the whole time. I ain't stupid.

Terra and I both plan to take a few weeks of and just be normal folks. I wonder if I can actually show that much restraint from being super. What I do know is that I plan to see Lola a few more times... that is, before i finally turn her over to the cops. I saw her profile in the most wanted database. She's a hot gal!

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