Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I think it just pretty much goes without saying that everything is just screwed up. We’ve got folks quitting on us, a few who have just gone AWOL and a bad guy that we have no answers on. It’s safe to say we are screwed unless we get some major light is shed on the subject.

In the absence of our uninspiring leader, Christopher is attempting to call the shots. He claims that it was Tony’s request before leaving for some secret mission. I believe that to be a load of bull… But, I think that will be an issue to deal with later. There is no way he can stay in that role after trying to use his wife (Terra) as a science project.

Surprising even myself, I flipped open my phone to call Brice. Brice was the guy who walked around as if he were the second coming. No answer. Maybe he already went. Not that we ever saw eye to eye, but last I checked, we were on the same team. He hasn’t been around much at all lately.

I usually pride myself on not needing anyone, but it was obvious that I needed help. Terra is a good start, but we needed more. There was nothing left to do but accept the fact that our only allies right now were a group of villains who’d look for the first chance to stab us in the back – literally.

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