Wednesday, November 19, 2008


8:09 AM
Pulled into the parking lot at work. I noticed some toddlers screaming from inside but didnt see an adult. Great. With a sigh, I went back to my car and when I thought no one was looking, I changed into my Sonus costume. Just as I got back to the car, the parent showed up. She caught an attitude with me and said I should be somewhere arresting real criminals.

9:17 AM
Witnessed the return of Victoria Regal. Ms. Regal is everything her name isn't. At probably 5'5" with a doughy shape and eyebrows that have been drawn on, Regal was banned from most of the eateries near the office and half our clients refused to meet with her. How she got her job back is beyond me. But to see her prance through the office in slippers with ashy ankles nearly turned my stomach.

10:46 AM
Made my 10th call - in 3 days - to Tony. Calls were still being forwarded to Christopher.

10:51 AM
Left for lunch.

12:14 PM
Still at lunch.

1:32 PM
Just got back from lunch.

1:41 PM
Victoria Regal is fired - again - for calling Rufus (the company owner) incompetent.

2:02 PM
Rufus pulls me into an emergency meeting with Clarence, the company's lawyer, and Rebecca, the company's PR person.

2:07 PM
Rufus starts yelling at Clarence for losing his alimony case against his fouth wife.

2:22 PM
Rufus starts yelling at me for always being out of the office. I pleaded that I was always at my desk - though I couldn't stop smiling as I said it.

2:59 PM
Rufus fires Rebecca for embeselling company funds. I stopped smiling.

3:10 PM
Rufus yells at me again for not sending Ms. Mack to training on office hygiene.

3:19 PM
Rufus demands that Clarence take Rebecca to court to get all the company's money back.

3:29 PM
Rufus asks me why I've missed so many days from work lately. I told him I was in therapy because my ex-girlfriend had a sex change to become a man. He told me his first wife did the same thing. As a result, he no longer had to pay alimony. Then he turned to Clarance and asked him to draw up a pre-nup for his new fiance.

4:01 PM
The meeting was over and I went home.

6:04 PM
Called Tony again - got Christopher's voicemail.

6:49 PM
Patrolling the city and ran into Bitter again. He had some of his friends with him, including the hot chick from the break room. He offered again to join forces to defeat Seth. I said HELL NO!

6:59 PM
Todd texts me to tell me that everyone except me, Terra, Tam and Brice had quit the Urban 30.

7:01 PM
I welcomed Bitter and his friends to the team. Now I can get to know the hot chick.

8:06 PM
We arrived to HQ to meet Tony and come up with a plan to defeat Seth. We only found Christopher. Terra was there with her dad, the weird guy who doesn't talk and some basketball player.

8:14 PM
Christopher claimed Tony was on hiatus and that he was calling the shots for the Urban 30.

8:14:43 PM
Everyone tries to pry my hands from around Christopher's throat. What a day!

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