Thursday, January 3, 2008


After lunch I debated going home early. Not that I was feeling bad or anything, but just to not be at work. Lay back, watch cable and just waste time. Everybody needs moments like that in their life. Terra and I walked into the office and picked up our messages from the receptionist. I didn’t have a direct line, and Terra didn’t like to give out hers – I don’t know how a super hero came to dislike daily interaction with people.

I had been telling her about the exotic dancer that I’d met six months ago, and even though I never called her, I wanted to hire for Dispatch’s birthday. He seemed to work so much, that I thought a party would be great for him. And believe me, this dancer is talented.

Stopping at my desk, I decided to show the small statue to Terra. She loves a good mystery – it lets her think of something other than her jailbird ex-husband. I wonder if they are legally separated. Just as I stepped into my cubicle, I noticed the miniature Brice was missing.

“Some Damned Mother/@$&*# stole the totem from my desk.” Terra punched my arm to remind me I was still at work.

When did these folks start stealing around here? This was unacceptable. I think I need to go change into my alter ego and get into somebody’s face. Aside from the fact that the statue might have been a huge clue as to whomever had attacked us, it’s just plain wrong to steal.

Terra dismissed the issue for now. We were at work and she didn’t want to be too obvious about the hero talk. I think she just had her little date with Neil on her mind. She is so distracted lately that she didn’t even comment on the creepy looks Brice gave on his way into the building. But, she’s right. I’ll worry about it later. The fact is I saw it – I know it’s real. So maybe I won’t ask Brice any questions now, but I think he knows I’m watching him.

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