Friday, January 4, 2008


No work for me today. I got another one of those early morning calls from Dispatch, and I’ve been going ever since. It’s not so much that the city was in great peril, but this was more of a preventative measure. There were a few events in the city, and our usual guy (Bill) to attend these matters is on vacation. I didn’t even know you could take vacation from being a super hero. But, I’m all about being a team player.

On the way home, I finished following the Mayor around a little after 2pm. He’s and ok guy and all, but a bit stingy. He fed everyone around him, except me. How does Bill do this with no type crummy work without even getting fed? Sucks to be him – and right then it sucked to be me. Anyway, I decided to fly over the building where I found the small statuette of Brice. The fact that it was no longer in my possession means that something is going on; somebody could be in trouble.

I didn’t find any more totems, but I did see on of those low-level henchmen we pounded. I kept distant and followed the guy for a few blocks. Sometimes you really have to question the level of intelligence. I was decked out in my costume, folks on the streets looking at me, and not once did this guy turn back to notice me.

Not losing sight, I followed him to the basement apartment of a brownstone. I waited a few minutes before busting in. Something did tell me to call for back up, but I was hopeful that I didn’t need it – and I was right.

My suspect was barreling through a junky closet. When burst through, he looked surprised. But not so much so that he couldn’t turn and high-tail it out the back door. I would have followed, but I noticed another little totem on top of the pile he’d pulled from the closet. It was crafted the same as the one made like Brice. But this one, however, was Terra.

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