Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sometimes, you just don’t want to do a damn thing. Yep, I said it! I came into work today with all intentions of checking a few things off my imaginary to-do list. But that didn’t happen. Instead, my day went sorta-something like this…

9:00 AM – I’m just sitting at my desk. Though I’ve been to work since 8:30 AM, I’ve been talking to folks around the office since I got here. So I’m just officially turning my computer on.

9:10 AM – I turn on the computer and before I can really decide on what task to start on, I need to check my e-mail. Not the work e-mail – I’m checking my personal accounts. All three of them.

9:25 AM – I log on to instant messenger to see who is on that I can chat with. Aside from music, I need the instant messenger to communicate, so that I’m not on the phone all day. Being on the phone a lot sends a bad message to the higher-ups that I may not be actually working. I see my favorite chat buddy online. I also log on to the "I Love Sonus Message Board".

9:50 AM – Time to get some breakfast. Probably my usual, I’ll get two sandwiches with egg and extra bacon - jelly on the side, a bottle of water, a juice, the City Paper, checked to see if i got any mail (I ordered some stuff online) and some cookies for a mid day snack. Sometimes the cookies do last till after lunch.

10:40 AM – Break. Walk around the office and chat with a few coworkers.

11:00 AM – E-mail some coworkers to see what’s up for lunch.

11:15 AM – Got pissed over a debate on the "I Love Sonus Message Board". There is a rumor going around that Sonus and The Baton Boomerang Babe are an item. That is a lie! Have you seen her? Aside from the bad hair days, she has a funny smell…

12:00 Noon – Lunch!

2:10 PM – Back to e-mail. Apparently, my cousin is in a bid war on ebay for the entire collection of Care Bears Cousins stuffed animals. She has no life.

2:30 PM – Pretend I’m in a meeting so I can take a nap.

3:20 PM – Break. Walk around the office and chat, just to let folks know I’m still here and not sleep at my desk. I also realized I missed a call from Dispatch to assist the police in some sort of bank robbery attempt. Sounds boring, glad I missed it.

3:40 PM – Now someone is on the "I Love Sonus Message Board" talking about how cool Enigma is. If he were so cool, why doesn’t he have his own message board? These people have no class to talk about someone on another person’s message board.

4:05 PM – Watching the Iron Man movie online. I’ve seen it in the theatre, but Router sent me a link, so I figure I might as well watch it while I download stuff from itunes for my ipod.

4:47 PM – Shut down and go home. So glad it’s quitting time. I think I should have left a little bit early.

I actually meant to do work today. Now I will have to work double tomorrow.


Spencer said...

Is this why my Zoey still stuck in a tree??!!! and my house still on fire ...from last week? ...wait hold on Im getting an IM! omgwtfbbq 1337 lmshao gtfo okthxbye brb gg ttyl!

Anonymous said...

LOL stop writing about my life. That sounds like my schedule at work. IM, walk around, nap, repat...

Good stuff J. I am liking this guy more and more

Billy Blades said...

I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!!! yeah, Baton Boomerang Babe reaks. i dont know if its her haircare products or the oil she uses on her Baton Boomerangs...Or her frequent "run-in's" with her arch-nemesis, Blacke Air...WHATEVER it is, it lingers. You can do better, dude lol

GOOLA said...

That was funny. Now get to work, and stop shuckin and jivin!!!

JP said...

you call that slacking at work... just by the list of things you've accomplished at work: instant messaging, shopping, reading blogs, emailing, talking on the phone, coordinating lunches with your co-workers, etc... if I did all of that at work.... I would demand a raise ASAP... LOL